Nursing Home Abuse

Understanding How To Identify Nursing Home Abuse

Caring for aging parents and other loved ones is a huge responsibility. Nursing homes and assisted living facilities are valuable resources in bearing this burden, but sometimes these facilities do not operate as advertised. One must put a lot of trust in the nursing home taking care of his or her elders, and unfortunately this trust is sometimes abused. These facilities can mistreat and neglect their residents in a variety of ways.

At the Law Office of Robert D. Massey and Associates, we understand that nothing is more devastating to a family than to have the trust it has placed in a facility for the care of its elderly members violated by staff and/or medical providers. Our office represents families in these emotionally tough cases and has successfully litigated them. We have recovered settlements over a million dollars in nursing home abuse cases.

Legal Support For Your Family's Unique Needs

As a person ages and begins to rely on others’ assistance, his or her needs will be unique and specific. One senior citizen may require assistance getting dressed, while another may need food to be cut into small pieces in order to safely eat a meal.

These details can get lost in the hustle and bustle of busy nursing home facilities. We have represented clients in Tennessee whose parents, grandparents, and aunts and uncles have suffered from a wide range of abuse and neglect, including:

  • Injuries caused during transfers from bed to wheelchair or other movements
  • Bed sores from infrequent attention
  • Infections stemming from improper cleaning and sanitation such as failing to dress wounds regularly
  • Choking caused by improperly prepared food and/or insufficient attention in dining room
  • Burns

You Don't Have To Tolerate Nursing Home Abuse. Get An Attorney Today.

To speak with our lawyers about potential abuse issues your loved one is facing, call 931-424-8655 or contact us online. Based in Pulaski, Tennessee, the Law Office of Robert D. Massey and Associates is committed to helping you hold negligent care providers accountable.

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